The Family History Company could assist with many unanswered questions about your ancestors and help to fill in those annoying gaps.

  • Would you like to find out more about your family?
  • Don´t know how to add details to the outline of your family tree?
  • Can´t find that ancestor who was a farmer, fisherman or clergyman?
  • Not sure where they were buried – are they in a quiet corner of a churchyard or in a large cemetery?
  • Were your relations lighthouse keepers, miners, tallow-chandlers, policemen or railway workers?
  • Have you had DNA tests and aren´t too sure what they tell you?
  • 2006 onwards; births, marriages and deaths lookups.

The Family History Company is here to help you with all your ancestry queries, contact me and see which would be the best way to proceed with your family tree. As well as three reasonably priced packages for family trees there is commissioned research available by the hour for those unanswered questions.



Here is a bit about my Family History

Would you like to find out more about your family?

Having trouble getting started with the internet or just haven´t got the time? Like to know more about DNA?
Want photographs of where they lived or where they were buried?

Talk to me, I can help, reasonable rates!

About the Family History Company

Back in the late 1960s my Mum was asked to help Cambridge University with a historical project concerning research into populations in small villages. This involved spending long hours deciphering old parish registers at the local records office in Warwick and filling in family group sheets. Having always been interested in local history I went along to help and was hooked!

With the help of my Gran I put together my family tree on a roll of wallpaper – since then tracing ancestors has developed into something nearly everyone wants to do, but with limited knowledge and time it can be difficult.

I´m well organised, self motivated conscientious worker who can problem solve by ´thinking outside the box´ ­ with a mature and positive attitude to people and their problems. Being a reliable, confidential and patient good listener who pays attention to detail I´m here to help and can offer a variety of packages, commissioned research and tuition to get the ball rolling.

Family Tree Searches

As I’m based in Plympton on the Devon/Cornwall border I have worked for both the American and British Who Do You Think You Are series as well as working on a Family Tree for the Founder of the Dame Hannah Rogers Trust.


Sometimes there’s a problem that appears insurmountable, but with a little lateral thought a solution usually appears. To help with this type of work there are a variety of possibilities so commission some research and solve your family history dilemma.

Lookups and Transcriptions

Need someone to go to a Record Office to find a document and check, transcribe or photograph the details? Living in the South West there are several that I can visit for you, I work mostly in the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office (PWDRO) but for a small mileage charge I can visit Cornwall Record Office (CRO) in Truro, Devon Heritage Centre in Exeter and Somerset Heritage Centre in Taunton.

Site Photography

Want a photo of a church, grave, home or building where your family lived in the south west – just say where.

Tuition and Advice

ometimes there’s a problem that appears insurmountable, but with a little lateral thought a solution usually appears or do you need help starting? I am here to help.

Library and Internet Searches

Plymouth Library is one of only a handful of places in Britain that holds Births, Marriages and Deaths (BMD) that have occurred since 2006 – these, as yet, are not online so I’m happy to check them along with local books and Newspapers. But if you prefer I can advise on how to go about internet searches to aid your own research.

Certificate Ordering

Haven´t the time for this or not sure how to go about it? Take the stress away and let me help. Or have you got a Certificate and don’t think it tells you the information you expected to see? I’m happy to take a look and try to explain why.

DNA Explanations

DNA is one of the fastest growing areas of ancestral research taking you back to your roots and allowing you to check on distant cousins and expand your Family Tree. Let me explain how it works and what it will tell you in easy to understand phrases.

Because of the uncertain nature of historical records there are no guarantees.

Family Trees and Family Relationship Charts

I’m experienced at presenting full and partial Family Trees for customers as well as Relationship Charts for people who are interested in particular members of their family.

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I offer a one stop shop for all your creative needs. Packed with dedication and discipline you will love working with this true professional

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